RubyC-2018 full speakers list announcedAlex Soulim

RubyC is a European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails, and related technologies.

Traditionally, the organizer, Svitla Systems, gathers Ruby enthusiasts, visionaries, and inspiring thinkers from all over the world. RubyC is a place to meet like-minded tech professionals, exchange knowledge, discuss the latest news, and learn about innovations that can transform businesses. In addition, of course, this is the best place for beneficial networking and wonderful entertainment!

This year, RubyC will take place on 2-3 June, at Premier Hotel Rus of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Tickets are already in the sale. Two or more tickets purchase gives a 10% discount!

Two-day program includes 14 Speakers from US, Germany, UK, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine and Poland:

  • Charles Nutter: JRuby in 2018: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Your Apps
  • Andrzej Krzywda: From Post.create to
  • Nick Sutterer: Enterprise Ruby - Let’s Talk Business!
  • Duana Stanley: The Art of Technical Decision Making
  • Paolo Perrotta: Machine Learning Explained to Humans
  • Tobias Pfeiffer: Where do Rubyists go?
  • Tim Rogers: Miles more maintainable: building APIs with the middleware pattern
  • Ivan Nemytchenko: Rails hurts, because you're using it wrong. Let's fix that.
  • Sergiy Kukunin: Clean architecture that harms your code
  • Artur Hebda: Code is not important... or is it?
  • Iryna Zayats: Adventures in the World of (Algorithmic) Complexity
  • Vladyslav Hesal: Authentication in Single Page Applications
  • Victor Shepelev: A tale of query languages. Is GraphQL The Chosen One?
  • Volodymyr Vorobiov: The Clean Architecture: How to Grow From Startup to Enterprise

RubyC is very grateful to Golden Sponsors: MLSDev, Toptal, Railsware and Ruby Sponsor RubyGarage.

Паттерны ООП в Ruby: часть 2Копылов Владислав

alt text Рад поделиться второй частью моих заметок об паттернах ООП. В данный материал попали такие паттерны как: Фасад, Состояние, Цепочка обязанностей, Посетитель, Сервис. Все примеры реализованы на языке Ruby. Приятного чтения.

gem "GemsAssetsWebpackBridge"Илья Николаевич

Этот гем помогает мигрировать Rails приложение со Sprockets на Webpack. Гем полезен в тех случаях, когда большое монолитное рельсовое приложение было разделено на несколько руби гемов и в этих гемах были сохранены ассеты. При миграции на Webpack может появится потребность объяснить Webpack, как найти ассеты в руби гемах.

Гем создает файл-мост с алиасами к папкам ассетов. Используя эти алиасы вы сможете поменять свои JS файлы так, что бы Webpack видел ваши ассеты из руби гемов.

У гема есть страница русской документации.

Какой выбрать фреймворк для API на Ruby: Hanami, Sinatra, Rails, Roda или Grape?Kirill Shirinkin

Разделение бакенда и фронтенда на отдельные приложения давно стало нормой. В своей новой статье ментор mkdev Кирилл Зонов рассказывает, какой фреймворк выбрать за основу для API-бакенда на Ruby и сравнвание Grape, Hanami, Rails API, Roda и Sinatra.


alt text

RubyC-2018 Call for Speakers is open!Alex Soulim

RubyC-2018 will take place on 2-3 June 2018!

RubyC is a great Ruby conference that takes place every first summer weekend in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We are one track, two days and 300+ people event, created to inspire and bring together Rubyists of different cultures and experiences and encourage their discussions, networking, programming and general fun in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

RubyC is organized by Svitla Systems Inc.

We welcome speakers from all around to join us this year. We do not want to limit your ideas, so you can apply more than one topic. We allow “around Ruby” talks, just make sure your topic is interesting to our Ruby-publics. The best talk, in our humble opinion, is the one that can be used next Monday morning at work.

We are also open to lighting talks about software development ethics, personal education, and growth, freelance experience, mental health or whatever is on your beautiful mind.

We especially encourage Ruby-Girls to apply, as we are willing to see a gender equality on our stage.


  • Your talk should be related to Ruby and Rails.
  • The talk you present should be oriented on middle/senior listeners’ level.
  • The timeslot for your talk should be 40 minutes including time for questions.
  • Your performance should be carried out in English.
  • Please make sure to follow our Code of Conduct rules.
  • Please use this form to apply your talk.
  • You can find previous talks in our archive.
  • RubyC speakers are granted with a free admission to the conference, as well as covered traveling and accommodation costs.
  • In case your talk is not accepted, you will be eligible to buy an “Early Bird" ticket.

The Call for Speakers is now open and will close on 1st April. The final list of speakers will be announced on 7th April.

Happy writing!